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MACAU, CHINA, and FIFE, SCOTLAND, Sep. 11, 2023 – Two entrepreneurial leaders in the fiber packaging industry are collaborating to introduce the very first all-fiber bottle solution with an interior coating that offers a biodegradable and renewable solution for one of the most widely-used packaging designs on the planet. 

Asia-based molded fiber packaging production firm, RyPax, and Scottish-based CelluComp, the developer of the propriety micro fibrillated cellulose product CurranÆcrafted from root vegetable waste, are collectively propelling the industry forward. Their collaborative efforts merge precision plant-based packaging manufacturing with a highly renewable feedstock ingredient, to launch a groundbreaking all-fiber bottle. 

The pioneering leap the two independent businesses took was developing a novel pulp fiber made with a mix of Curran®, bamboo, and bagasse. This material is extremely strong with minimal porosity, enabling the application of a thin, impermeable coating to the bottle’s interior. This remarkable advancement empowers manufacturers to take the next important step in environmental packaging by eliminating the need for a plastic liner. Furthermore, the revolutionary all-fiber bottle design exudes premium aesthetics. It boasts a best-in-market finish, which will appeal to luxury brands across the beverages, beauty, and cosmetics sectors.

“Integrating RyPax’s and CelluComp’s proven technology, materials and production expertise to produce the industry’s first all-fiber bottle at scale is a major evolution for the industry,” said Christian Kemp-Griffin, CEO of CelluComp. “Our unique capabilities and entrepreneurial approach have finally produced a design most packaged goods companies, and their consumers, have been longing for.”

“Combining our global expertise in fiber packaging design and production with CelluComp’s innovative ingredient solution, we are making a genuine breakthrough in barrier packaging,” said Alvin Lim, CEO of RyPax. “This initiative will remove millions of tons of plastic waste from the environment.”

RyPax and CelluComp have been collaborating on a commercial all-fiber bottle format for more than three years and recently gained validation from the Danish Technological Institute (DTI), who has been an important partner in helping create viable proof of concepts. 

“This collaboration and design are something the industry has been waiting to see for a very long time and we’re excited a solution is now available,” said Alexander Bardenstein, business development manager with DTI.

The partnership is poised to scale production for a range of industry applications, spanning from beverages, beauty, health, medicine, and food to various retail brands. This collaboration aims to help manufacturers in providing more sustainable products, thereby reducing waste, and aligning with consumer, governmental, and internal sustainability objectives. Moving forward, RyPax and CelluComp will work closely with DTI to explore further fiber packaging solutions, including fiber screw threads, caps, even thinner coatings, and intricate branding methods on bottles to cater to their customers’ needs.

“After successfully unveiling our groundbreaking all-fiber bottle at PACK EXPO 2023, we are thrilled to announce our next strategic phase,” added Alvin Lim, CEO of RyPax. “We are actively seeking like-minded collaborators and prospective partners who share our vision and enthusiasm for innovation. Together, we aim to drive this remarkable all-fiber bottle into mass production, opening new avenues for brands’ sustainability goals. If you’re a company that values pioneering solutions, sustainability, and shared success, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey towards a brighter, more sustainable future.”

See demos of the bottle and learn more by scheduling an in-person meeting with RyPax and CelluComp leadership at PACK EXPO booth 9141 Sept. 11- 13 by emailing See product images, video, and additional information here.

About RyPax

RyPax is a pioneering molded fiber packaging specialist that is committed to being environmentally friendly. RyPax products are recyclable, biodegradable and only made from materials sourced from responsible, green suppliers. RyPax produces custom molded fiber products in a wide range of applications ranging from cosmetic to industrial, meeting the needs of clients from various industries including pharmaceutical, beauty and electronics. RyPax is the international division of The Wing Fat Printing Co., Ltd. and has offices and production facilities across the U.S., Macau, and China to serve clients globally. 

About CelluComp

CelluComp is a Scottish-based company located in Fife, near Edinburgh. Our team of scientists and business professionals work on the development and commercialization of sustainable materials. Our principal activity is to develop and commercialize Curran®, a material developed from the extraction of nanocellulose fiber of root vegetables, primarily from sugar beet pulp, which is a by-product of the sugar industry. Curran® offers exceptional mechanical and rheological properties for numerous applications such as fiber-based packaging and coatings.


Jason Schumann


The Danish Technological Institute (DTI) and CelluComp have developed Curran®, a fibre-based material for packaging that is made of micro-fibrillated cellulose from sugar beet pulp and a thin coating that reportedly blocks oxygen, water, and fat.

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A fibre-based, recycable and biodegradable packaging with exceptional barrier properties. That is the result of four years of collaboration between Danish Technological Institute and Scottish-based CelluComp.  Read more here.