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Revolutionary Technology:

What is Curran®?

CelluComp produces a patented Microfibrillated Cellulose (MFC) by extracting cellulose from the residual pulp of root vegetables, such as sugar beets after they have been processed to extract sugar. 

We form a micron-sized platelet called Curran®, that when used as an additive can enhance and transform a multitude of products.

*Curran® is the Gaelic word for carrot, the root vegetable that our founders used to develop this original MFC

What Curran® IS NOT

Curran® is not a Traditional MFC

Unlike most MFC’s which are derived from trees, and the processing of which involve significant environmental and economic costs, Curran® does not compete with food for land. Curran® is derived from a waste stream of root vegetables, such as the sugar beet, an annually renewable agriculture resource.

Curran® is not a Nanofibre

Rather than resulting in the production of individual nano fibres, with their significant processing costs and their inherent concerns for human safety, Curran® consists of relatively flat, microscopic fibre bundles which are actually portions of cell walls. These platelets take on unique properties, leveraging the advantages of nano scale without the economic, safety, or environmental drawbacks.