Other Applications

other applications

Paints and Coatings

CelluComp’s Curran® range of additives provide a unique set of properties for the coating industry. Based on novel fibre technology and derived from root crops, Curran® is an effective performance additive in water-based formulations. Primarily, Curran® is a film enhancer that is very effective in stopping mud and micro-cracking, improves scrub resistance and general helps the strength of the film. Beyond that, Curran® is an effective green additive that improves sag, is sheer-thinning, provides viscosity at any pH level and can have positive effects on open time, both green and multi-functional. High technical performance combined with the renewable nature of Curran® helps solve some of the major challenges faced by the paint & coating industry today.

CelluComp has put together a toolkit of information for you to review. Click to see our technical data sheet and Material Safety Data sheet:

other applications


Curran®  reduces sugar and fat in food, maintains texture & taste, meaning fewer calories and healthier snacks such as muffins and cookies. As an emulsifier and thickener that does not gel, Curran® reduces other components in food and sauces, such as egg, to provide a healthier product and very affordable costs.

other applications

Rooting around for more

We’re working on several other product ideas and applications. R&D conducted in-house and with partners in universities and industry is yielding impressive results for applications in concrete and drilling fluids. Together, we’ve managed to create threads and sheets for use in composites Using Curran® as a scaffold for other ‘nano’ materials will propel it into the pharmaceuticals industry and many others, such as catalysts.