Replacing Plastic with Fibre-based Barrier Packaging


Replacing Plastic with Fibre-based Barrier Packaging

Material Change for Good

Barrier Packaging

Cellucomp manufactures Curran®, a patented bio-based technology platform that adds functional properties to pulp and other materials in order to replace plastics and PFA’s and other synthetic chemicals in a wide range of products, thus creating Material Change for Good.

Curran has a myriad of uses within the packaging industry, most of which are centric to food and personal care which leverages our strength and high barrier properties compared to incumbent technologies.

  • Lowering CO2 (moving from solvent based to water based)
  • Replacing plastic
  • Reducing waste (recyclable)
  • Reducing substances of high concern (no Fluorochemicals – PFAS)
  • Improving barrier properties (oxygen, water, grease)

Brands with Powerful Differentiation

Fibre-based Barrier Packaging

is ideal solution is fibre-based packaging with a water-based coating, offering both PERFORMANCE (strength and necessary barrier), recyclability, compostability and BIODEGRADABILITY.

Material Change for Good

Revolutionary Technology

CelluComp has invented a proprietary process that is unique in allowing the properties of cellulose nanofibres (CNF) from vegetable waste streams to be fully utilised. Curran® fibres are strong, stiff and light; properties which allow the production of composites with performance characteristics comparable to those based on conventional carbon fibre technology.

Industrial Materials

Stronger, lighter and greener Industrial Materials such as Concrete & Composites


Reducing obesity by replacing fat and sugar in Food

Barrier Packaging

Reducing plastics and fluorocarbons in Barrier Packaging

Paints and Coatings

Strengthens, stops cracking, and facilitates cleaning of Architectural Paints and Coatings

Health & Beauty Products

Safer and more sustainable Health & Beauty Products and Home Care

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