A Sustainable & Green Alternative

CelluComp is committed to building a more sustainable approach to industry. We make products that will contribute to the circular economy and create Material Change for Good.

Curran® is manufactured from waste or by-products streams produced by the food processing industry. Common raw materials are carrots or sugar beet and, because our feedstocks come from by-products of existing industries, they do not compete with food crops for scarce land. 

Not only does CelluComp use root vegetable fibre as its feedstock but it also processes Curran® using safe, non-toxic materials. Given root vegetables contain a loose cell structure (unlike woody fibres), low levels of chemicals, enzymes and energy are needed to produce Curran®.

During the process of making Curran®, CelluComp is able to recycle its water use and even produce energy through methanisation of its waste streams during production. This means that CelluComp is not only making high-valued materials from waste streams but it is also creating energy from its own waste streams!

Compared to other additives used in paints, Curran® has a low carbon footprint due to its efficient process and Curran® is not chemically modified.

When adding small doses of Curran® to paints, formulators can reduce significant quantities of other materials, making the paint formulation safer for the environment and more economically viable for paint companies.