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Product Specifications

Curran® and Reef


Curran® can come in different forms (paste and granules). Once rehydrated, thee Curran® platelet is roughly 60 microns in diameter and less than a micron thick. CelluComp has the capability of making a variety of different grades of Curran to best suit the application needs. This can mean different viscosity levels of Curran® or different platelet sizes. To discover the best version of Curran® for your needs, please speak to the CelluComp team for assistance.

Our barrier coating, Reef, comes in two different forms for now Reef 1 & Reef 2. Reef 2 is the same as Reef 1 (strong WVTR and grease barrier) but instead has better oxygen barrier and is heat sealable. Reef 2 is slightly more viscous.

Please consult our team to learn more about our product specifications and how we can help you improve your products.