Curran® - A Microfibrillated Cellulose (MFC) Wonder Product?

Curran® is a microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) versatile product which has the ability to improve effectiveness of most products ranging from concrete to paints & coatings, paper & packaging, food, composites and lots more!

Curran® is made from waste streams of root vegetables, namely carrots and sugarbeet.  Its nanocellulose fibers are strong and light, interacting seamlessly with formulations to provide better performance in improved consistency and flow. Curran® is a ‘microfibrillated cellulose at nano scale’ extracted from the cell wall of sugarbeet pulp and converted into granulated form using a patented process.

Curran® delivers performance in anti-cracking and improved drying behaviour in both paints & coatings and other leading industries.  This cellulose additive also has strengthening and thickening properties to make paint and other coatings tougher, longer lasting and easier to clean.  In fact, the global market for Curran® is largely a cellulose additive to household and industrial paints and putties.

Curran® microfibrillated fibers cross-link with fibers in paper and cardboard packaging and tissue, making them stronger, stiffer and lighter, allowing manufacturers to switch-out longer and more expensive softwood fibres for shorter hard-wood fibres.   Just 2% of Curran® can replace 15% of paper and cardboard fibre, making production greener and more profitable.

Curran® helps to suspend particles, which in turn provides excellent thickening with pH stability. Curran® adds viscosity to a wide variety of essential household products, all without harming our planet.  As a green replacement for non-organic performance additives, Curran® makes financial as well as environmental sense.

No other product on the market is capable of as many multi-functional properties as Curran®, which makes it a real winner.

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