Paints & Coatings

CelluComp’s Curran® range of additives provide a unique set of properties for the coating industry. Based on novel fibre technology and derived from root crops, Curran® is an effective performance additive in water-based formulations. Primarily, Curran® is a film enhancer that is very effective in stopping mud and micro-cracking, improves scrub resistance and general helps the strength of the film. Beyond that, Curran® is an effective green additive that improves sag, is sheer-thinning, provides viscosity at any pH level and can have positive effects on open time, both green and multi-functional. High technical performance combined with the renewable nature of Curran® helps solve some of the major challenges faced by the paint & coating industry today.

CelluComp has put together a toolkit of information for you to review. Click to see our technical data sheet and Material Safety Data sheet.

MSDS - Cellulose (Curran®)

TDS - Curran®


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