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CelluComp was founded by Dr David Hepworth and Dr Eric Whale, two expert material scientists based in Scotland. In 2005 they combined their knowledge of cellulosic materials and passion for sustainability to develop the first generation of Curran®. The first successful application of Curran® was in composites in the form of an award winning fishing rod. This application made full use of the unique strength and stiffness of the nanocellulose based fibres.

Since its creation and initial commercialisation, the patented process for Curran® has been further developed to produce new generations of product suitable as a rheology modifier for use in a broad range of industrial applications.


Curran® Image

In January 2011, Christian Kemp-Griffin joined CelluComp as CEO. Christian strengthened the management team and brought in new investment to the company from Abundant Venture Partners and the Claridge Group, based in Montreal, Canada.

In March 2013, CelluComp successfully launched an early version of its Curran® product at the European Coatings Show and has been penetrating that market ever since. CelluComp also secured an Eco-Add grant from the European Government to help develop the business further.

At the end of 2013, CelluComp successfully raised a round of financing with lead investor, Sofinnova as well as Scottish Enterprise, Claridge and Discovery Investment Fund.

In 2014 & 2015, CelluComp focused on launching another version of Curran® to the coating market and the company concentrated on scaling up its production. This culminated in the construction of its manufacturing facility in Scotland.

In 2016 CelluComp brought in more financing for the business with lead investor CapAgro, based in Paris. CelluComp continued to promote its product in coatings, which lead to its first commercial sale with Whitson’s paints. In 2017, CelluComp continued to develop a new customer base in coatings and is now active in many other application areas.

CelluComp looks forward to expanding its capacity and commercial reach in the future and helping to create Material Change for Good.